Company Apparel Where to Start

  • Feb 10, 2021

Hey It's 2020 and there is no better time for custom apparel for your company. Something so simple as a T-Shirt with your company logo can be so powerful. It shows pride and uniformity within your company.

Deciding to Get custom apparel for your company is the easy part. As with most things these days there are just so many choices. Just In blank T Shirts alone there are 100's of companies offering a plethora of products. Some Standing out more then others.

Here is a list of things to get together before working with a custom apparel embellisher to make everyone's life a little easier.

Talk to your employees, after all they will be wearing the garments day in and day out. What's important to them? Tall sizes, all day comfort, moister whicking ,heavy construction for hard work environments.

Whats important in the print? bold colors, subdued colors for that vintage look,Reflective ink and trimming for safety,soft hand for all day comfort.

Artwork, Make sure to bring high quality artwork to your printer if all you have is low quality artwork or sketch of an idea,be prepared to pay art fees.

Choosing a printer

There are literally thousands of T-shirt Printers out there right now,choosing one that's a great fit for your company is important. Don't just jump on craigslist and grab the cheapest deal out there after all it's your own brand your building. You do not want a t Shirt that looks like it's been to hell and back in 6 weeks representing your companies front end. Your printer should be a business partner looking to grow together. Simple things such as sharing your social media posts can help broaden both of your markets.

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